CanoeByLake“I make, to fix an image in my memory…
to re-member and em-body,
so that I may see the path to the future,
content in the now.
We are what we make and we make what we are.”

As an artist, I am interested in relationships: the relationship between the hand and the mind, nature and culture, theory and practice, time and space, and the relationship between the mold and the casting. These relationships are all inverse and reciprocal relationships and are, in a sense, a conundrum…. like paper and ink, each is not the other, but when we perceive the difference in their relationship, meaning is revealed.

I practice within the tradition and discipline of making images in cast metal. This creative tradition combines magic, ritual, performance, and art. The use of fire enables me to master the transformation of materials: the transmutation of space into form and form into space. I make meaningful spaces within sand molds and then fill them with liquid metal. By the fire, the art and the artist are refined, tempered, and transformed.

I derive inspiration for my work from diverse interests such as canoeing and fishing in the wilderness, Native American culture, Asian culture, and the history of spiritual practice. From my travels in Asia and my life long study of Native American culture comes the understanding that the material and the artist are spiritually connected and that the working process is in a harmonious relationship to the artistic and conceptual content. My artistic practice has convinced me that making precedes theory and that the making process significantly informs content and meaning. Thus my creative sculptural work includes investigating various traditions of metal casting. My work in cast metal has been more than a 50 year quest… the more you know , the more there is to know.