Solo canoeing in the wilderness is the spiritual work which gives rise to the deeper meaning… so the work is a narrative.

I enjoy the challenge of traveling alone on the water and surviving with what you can carry… a kind of paring down to what is truly necessary. In a solo canoe, one is keenly aware of a 360-degree spatial experience and of the power and majesty of wind, water, rock, and all life. In the wilderness, time stretches and bends in unfamiliar ways, one senses the shifting relationship between nature and culture, and the spirit present in all things reveals itself.
“Archelon carried her house on her back”

Research with fire is the play that enables me to master the transformation of materials- the transmutation of space into form and form into space.

After the saki and the salt, Alex and I asked Kihara-san a question: “What is the connection between the tatara and religion?” Oh, there is no connection,” he said, “we do these things just to appease the gods.”

“Ferrum nostrum non est ferrum vulgi.”